GSF 203: Facilitator/Family & Friends Training

Facilitator/Family & Friends

THANK YOU for your interest in expanding the reach of SMART Recovery to your area!

The GSF 203: Facilitator/Family & Friends Training "combo" package combines the prerequisite GSF 201: Facilitator Training and the GSF 202: Family & Friends Training add-on training into a single training course offering.

In the first module of the training course, you'll be completing the Facilitator Training, being provided with an in-depth, comprehensive training on the SMART Recovery 4-Point Program, the SMART Recovery tools, and MORE!  Click here to view the full Course Syllabus & Outline.

The Facilitator training module is designed to provide you with the necessary knowledge of SMART Recovery and its 4-Point Program for you to proceed capably, comfortably (and authoritatively) in your role as a SMART Recovery meeting Facilitator to provide a mutual aid, self-help addiction recovery support group in your community.

Upon completing the Facilitator training, you'll then move onto the second module where you'll learn SMART Recovery's Family & Friends Program. Here, you'll learn how the SMART Recovery tools have been re­worked for Concerned Significant Others (CSOs), the friends and family members of individuals dealing with an addictive behavior. 

The principles of CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training) has also been incorporated into our Family & Friends program. CRAFT is an evidence-based approach which studies have shown to be more effective than Al-Anon or addiction interventions for getting individuals into treatment for their addictive behavior. Even if the individual does not enter treatment, average substance use decreases by approximately half, resulting in a substantial positive change for the family and a foundation for making further change later.

Upon completion, you’ll be able to provide a Family & Friends group meeting to address the specific issues encountered when a friend or family member tries to reach out and help a loved one affected by addiction, sharing SMART Recovery tools to help with emotional upsets, effective communication methods when dealing with loved ones, and more. 

The F&F group meetings will be a place CSOs can turn to achieve emotional and behavioral balance for themselves and provide:

  1. Support and education for the CSO; and

  2. Support and education for increasing the likelihood of recovery for their loved one with the addictive behavior.

Along with our SMART Recovery meetings, we expect our Family & Friends program to become a highly respected and major component of the recovery movement. Thank you again for joining us in making this program available in your community!

Note: If you are located outside of the US or Canada, please refer to the SMART Recovery International website for information on reaching out to your country's affiliate for training information.


Ready to join us? There's a $79.00 (US) non-refundable registration fee to help cover some of the costs of providing our training programs. There is a 180-day enrollment period--which begins upon registration--to complete the training course, having the estimated completion time of 25 hours.

Need to register two or more individuals? Discounted group rates are available! CLICK HERE for details and pricing information.

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