Our "Get SMART FAST" (Facilitator And Support Team) Training Program is designed to provide you with the necessary knowledge of SMART Recovery and its 4-Point Program for you to proceed capably, comfortably (and authoritatively) in your role as a SMART Recovery meeting Facilitator or Volunteer.

To prepare for your training, please review the various documents and information found in the Main Menu. Once the training session you've registered for is open and you've received your training account and access information, you'll be able to "login" for access to the course you'll be participating in.

On behalf of the training team, the Central Office, and the entire SMART Recovery organization, thank you once again for joining us! We're looking forward to the time we'll be spending with you over the next several weeks. If you have any questions, experience any trouble, or are unsure about something, feel free to contact me. The rest of the training team members are here to provide help and support as well... so if you need any assistance, just give us a shout!

Now... let's go "GET SMART FAST!"

Jim Braastad,

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    by Jim Braastad - Sunday, 10 September 2017, 5:05 PM
    Some of the feedback we've received from our training "graduates"... 


     “Outstanding! This training has been much better than I had originally thought it would be. I did this training because my supervisor wanted it. I am a professional in the field and have been for almost 20 years and thought I would not see anything new, but I did and I thank you for making me a better professional than I already was." _Rob M 

     “I have been taking quite a few "short-term" educations during my time (face-to-face as well as online) and have never experienced such a thorough and motivating learning. I find the form inspiring ... I'm so loving it - bravo!! Being Danish, I was a bit anxious if I was able to meet the standards and hang on language wise. Allthough I needed to ask google for translation now and then, I found the materials written in a language that was very easy to understand... That you also present the information with a glimps in the eye and sense of humour just makes the learning process more fun and personal."  _Gry Marcussen

     “Wonderful- sooo much better than any other online professional development I've ever taken. I was not expecting it to be this good... I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of training provided. appreciated having mixed learning sources, with the videos, readings, and exercises." _Maria

     “I would just like to say "WOW'! I was impressed with the quality of the training." _Scott McKenzie

     “Outstanding training! Thank you to the training team for presenting and facilitating an enjoyable, and effective learning experience. The organization of the segments with study materials, homework and a quiz clearly outlined the important points and reinforced comprehension and retention of them. Easy to follow. Well done!  _Rob Burnham 

     “I thought the team did a fabulous and thorough job with a top notch training, clearly stating objectives and clarifying through the teachings. Far superior to some college courses I've taken. Although some presenters have loads of education and expertise, they were able to relay the info in its most basic form so anyone can understand. Well done!"  _Tara A.

     “Super course! Well-constructed in its flow and organization, the resources are excellent, and the encouraging feedback was much appreciated. The course was challenging enough to require participants to work hard and be consistent in their ...

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